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Our Favorite Spanish Lesson Plans (includes freebies)


Spanish Question Words Activities


Spanish Question Words Activities


How to make digital & paper loteria a fun and engaging review gameHow to Make Digital and Paper Lotería

Spanish Time Lesson Plans
Spanish Time Activities
Spanish Alphabet ActivitiesSpanish Alphabet Activities


Best Spanish Videos

5 Favorite Spanish Video Clips

15 Ways to Add Culture


Teaching Verbs Like Gustar

Spanish Commands Activities, Lesson Plans

Preterite vs. Imperfect ActivitiesPreterite vs. Imperfect Activities

READINGTeaching a Novel 101 in Spanish class - shared by Mis Clases Locas on Secondary Spanish SpaceTeaching a Novel 101 

SPEAKINGWhy I Love Mondays – Speaking Activities5 Ways to Get Your Students Speaking

Improve Spanish PronunciationHow to Improve Spanish Pronunciation


9 Ways to Improve Writing

FREE RESOURCESFree Spanish Resources

 TEACHING IDEASFree Professional Development

Taking the Plunge – How I’m Shifting to CI This Year

Using Sheltered Videos for Comprehensible Input

Reflections of a Year of Comprehensible Input

Big List of Technology Resources

How to Create a Boom AccountEverything You Need to Know about Boom Cards

Spanish Trifold Flashcards3 New Types of Spanish Flashcards

Project-Based Learning

Time Saving Tips for Interactive Notebooks

How to Collaborate with Other Teachers on Social Media

5 Ways to Avoid the Language Plateau

How to Get the Most out of That Workshop

50 Ways to Use Images

Ideas for the Last Few Weeks of Spanish Class

How to create awesomely engaging projects as authentic assessmentsHow to Create Awesomely Engaging Projects as Authentic Assessments

Pumpkin and fall items
Free Thanksgiving and Fall Resources

Day of the Dead Crafts and Activities

Distance Friendly Resources for Day of the Dead

Valentine’s Day in Spanish Class

Cinco de Mayo7 Awesome Cinco de Mayo Activities

Fresh Ideas for the New Year

DISTANCE LEARNINGFree Distance Learning Resources

Spanish Distance Learning TipsVirtual Learning Tips and Tricks


Strategies for Chatty Students
BACK TO SCHOOLGetting Excited for the First Week

9 Ways to Be a Happier Teacher

Stop Conjugating and Start Communicating

5 Back to School Purchases I Love

EQUITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE black history month for Spanish teachersBeyond Black History

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Comfy Socks and Mug
3 Simple Ways to Manage Teacher Stress

Love Letter to TeachersA Love Letter to Teachers

Spanish Teacher Must Do’s During Summer Vacation

20 Fun Ideas for Spanish Club

Even More Ideas for Spanish Club

Cooking with Your Students

Taking Students Abroad without a Tour Company

How to Plan a World Language Lip Sync Night

APPLYING FOR JOBSResume Do’s and Don’t’s

How to Ace Your Next Teaching Interview