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Resource Round-up for Distance Teaching

Welcome to an alternate reality where everyone stays in their homes and we all teach remotely. It’s a crazy world right now. This is a round-up of resources that you can use for distance teaching.  When I first starting putting this list together, I intended to get like a dozen or so resources. Ha! How […]


The Best WL Distance/E-Learning EdTech Tools

In the last few days, the technology needs for lots of teachers have changed immensely due to COVID19.  Many of us are being faced with converting our traditional classrooms to distance or e-learning methods literally overnight.  Because I already use a lot of these EdTech tools in my regular classroom, I feel prepared, but I […]

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4 Fun Vocabulary Games for Any Subject

¡Hola! Dianna here from La Profe Plotts! I’m excited to talk to you about vocabulary games today. Dr. Karyn Purvis says “Scientists have recently determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain- unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions!” […]

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Interpretive Listening Ideas in Spanish Class

Hi, guys! I’m Jen from Spanish with Sra. Shaw and, inspired by Allison’s recent post on interpersonal speaking, I thought it seemed only appropriate to continue the trend of talking about the three modes. Today’ I’m excited to share with you all about my favorite mode of communication: interpretive.  When I survey students, they nearly […]

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Interpersonal Speaking Assessments in Spanish class

Inside: Interpersonal Speaking practice and assessments in Spanish class. Ways to get students to practice speaking, as well as options for how to assess interpersonal speaking in Spanish class.  Hi friends! This is Allison from Mis Clases Locas and today is all about Interpersonal Communication! Below are my favorite ways to practice, as well as assess the Interpersonal […]

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What to Do with Chatty Students in Spanish Class

Even as an experienced teacher, sometimes I still struggle with chatty students in Spanish class, so I put together this list of 25 strategies for talkative students. Don’t worry about taking notes – I created a printable copy in my Free Resource Library to use as a reference.  Hope you find these ideas helpful! 1. Do […]

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The Top Podcasts for Spanish Teachers in 2020

Professional development can be a mixed bag. Sometimes it’s great, and sometimes it feels out of touch with the everyday classroom. Most of you know what it feels like to sit through some sort of PD at the end of a long day: listening to information that’s not exactly relevant to you, while your mind […]

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14 Tips for a Successful 2020 in your Spanish Classroom

It’s Winter Break! You made it! WE ALL MADE IT! 🎉 via GIPHY I knew we could do it. Please take time to recharge and relax – you need it. But when you’re ready to think about school again, January is the perfect time to evaluate how things are going and change anything that isn’t […]

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Reflections of a year of Comprehensible Input

Reflections on a year of Comprehensible Input 
 December 3, 2019 By Jade Collins Last year was my first time “diving into” the Comprehensible Input (CI) method. I’d previously seen posts and heard feedback from other Spanish teachers about how CI teaching was changing their classroom. The thing that stuck out to me the most […]


2019 Holiday Giveaway for Spanish Teachers

‘Tis the season for giving! The chicas of Secondary Spanish Space are giving away three awesome gifts this holiday season and want YOU to receive one! The resources bundle contains some of our favorite resources for the Spanish classroom and who doesn’t love Teachers Pay Teachers and a hot peppermint mocha or hot cocoa from […]