Our Favorite Spanish Lesson Plans

April 5, 2022 World Language Cafe by Sherry Sebesta

So many teachers have asked us what our favorite Spanish lesson plans are that we’ve created.  Thought it might be fun to share our most favorite Spanish creations, along with a few free resources!  These are our go-to resources and some of our best-sellers – the tried and true lessons that truly engage students and get them excited about Spanish!

Sherry Sebesta – World Language Cafe – Upstate NY

Best Teaching Tip

Speak Spanish as much as possible and get students to speak Spanish as much as possible. 

If you think about it in terms of other activities, it makes a ton of sense.  The soccer player who gets more touches becomes a better dribbler.  The 1st grader who reads more books becomes a better reader.  The student who hears more and speaks more Spanish becomes a better Spanish speaker.  Think of the difference in the amount of Spanish a student hears over the course of a year in a classroom where 70% Spanish is spoken vs. 95-100%.  And yes, I know it’s hard, but it is one of the best things you can do for your students.

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Favorite Spanish Lesson Plans

Spanish Video Clips

101 Hispanic Video Clips

I spent many weeks one summer, camped out in a local library, tracking down awesome video clips for each of the 21 Spanish speaking countries.  Do you know how long it takes to find 101 video that are comprehensible, well-filmed, and appropriate for class?  Let’s just say it’s a long time!

This is by far my favorite resource that I’ve created because students love learning about other traditions and ways of living.  Totally opens their eyes to new perspectives on life and gets them excited to learn Spanish.  Plus it’s great to have a few video clips to show every Friday while you grade and plan for the next week so you have less work to bring home over the weekend.  Instant culture!Spanish Numbers Boom Cards

Boom Cards 1-1,000,000

Students always struggle with Spanish numbers.  You see them counting in their heads when they are trying to say 17.  They come across a number when they’re reading and have no idea how to say it.  Yet numbers are such a key part of language:  making purchases, saying the date, time, number of people in your family, etc.  These cards start with 1-20 and work their way up.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if your students really mastered all their numbers and never needed to learn them again?

Boom accounts are free.  Create an account, download a deck, and send a link to your students.  Boom does all the rest for these digital, self-correcting cards.  Oh and did I mention that they have native speaker sound files, so will help your students’ pronunciation as well?  And they make the perfect sub plans.  Can you tell I love them?

Free Resource

Allison Weinhold – Mis Clases Locas – Iowa

Best Teaching Tip

Take it easy on yourself! Buy ready-to-go resources to save your precious time.

Favorite Spanish Lesson Plans

Spring Bundle

Many resources to save you time when teaching in the spring. Activities for before and after Easter break, a fun mini cultural unit, and a Spanish class music bracket.

Post Spring Break Find Someone Who  

Just print and enjoy your Easter break knowing you have an activity to use with every level of Spanish class when you return. Chat about your Easter break, while practicing the preterite tense.

Free Resource

Para Empezar

Class routines for Spanish class give you a chance to take attendance and get settled in class. Try out this free week of bell ringers for Spanish class.

Jess – Miss Señorita – Connecticut

Best Teaching Tip

I love to teach with animated powerpoints that visually show students the grammar, like how -car, -gar, -zar verbs have spelling changes in the preterite, and how direct object pronouns work. It takes the load off the teacher and is engaging for students!

Favorite Creations

Spanish Direct Object Pronouns with the Present Tense


Spanish Preterite -car, -gar, -zar Verbs Lesson

Free Resource

Spanish Scavenger Hunt [AR Verbs]

Jenn Shaw – Spanish with Sra. Shaw – Michigan

Best Teaching Tip

I’m all about authentic resources! I love seeing students understand the main idea and learn new vocabulary as they read an infographic or watch a video about a topic. Plus, culture drives language acquisition! Anytime I can get my students reading, listening, and talking about culture using authentic resources I’m all about it.

I specialize in creating Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs, no not the beer) and interpretive activities based upon authentic resources. My students are always so proud of how much they can understand when they analyze an #authres and their confidence is catching.

Favorite Spanish Resources

One of the first resources I use with students featuring an authentic resource are is this interpretive practice about greetings and introductions and a follow up unit assessment. You can both at the end of your first unit or it’s perfect as a kick off for level 2. Students have so much fun with the super engaging video and feel empowered by their ability to understand.

Free Resource

Another one of my favorites is this reading about Spanish-speaking countries. It’s a great way to kick off the school year or a unit about Spanish-speaking countries and honestly makes the perfect substitute plan.  Click here to grab this Freebie!

Jade Greene – La Secundaria – South Carolina

Best Teaching Tip

Teach the students the super 7 verbs early on. They’ll be able to communicate so much better throughout the year.

Favorite Spanish Lesson Plans


Ser + Estar Graphic Organizer

High Frequency Verbs Digital Stations

Free Resource

High Frequency Student Reference Sheet

Hope you found this post helpful!  What are your favorite Spanish lesson plans?

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