Back to Spanish Class: Teaching Tips to Get Excited for the First Week of School!

August 1, 2018 World Language Cafe by Sherry Sebesta

Back to School Teaching Tips for World Language Teachers

Hey guys!  Let me guess – if you haven’t started school yet, you’re getting a little nervous about the first day, the first week, and which students will be in your classes this year.  Yep, that little pit of anxiety growing more and more as the first day approaches. Well, I have a few new strategies for you to help relieve some of your worries . . .

1.  Let this be the year that you are EXCITED for the first day instead of nervous.

*  Take a second to recognize when you are feeling those back to school jitters.  Every time that you find yourself feeling or talking about being anxious, use the word “excited” instead.  Say your new positive sentence out loud or even better, write it down.  Writing your goals really helps preset your brain to help accomplish them.
Old Way of Thinking:  
“I’m very nervous about who my students will be.  Sometimes I get really challenging classes.”
New Way of Thinking:
“I’m so excited to meet my students on the first day and I bet they’re really excited to meet me.  Can’t wait to support the uniqueness of each student and watch them grow as students and people throughout the year.”
(Even just writing this second sentence got my brain focused in a more positive direction.  I started thinking . . .)
 “Hmm . . . how can I focus on the strengths that each student brings?  How can I accentuate their positive qualities?  If I’m really excited and enthusiastic, they probably will be, too. How am I not only going to help them learn Spanish, but also teach them to be kind, to study efficiently, and to become contributors in our global economy?”

Old Way of Thinking:
“I’m so sad that summer is over.  I’m really not looking forward to grading papers – so much work and I’m always so tired.”

New Way of Thinking:
“Wow!  I had a great summer, but I’m also looking forward to a fresh start and a chance to shape young minds.  I’m lucky to have such a meaningful job where I’m really making a difference (even if I can’t always see it).  This year, I’m going to implement a few new strategies so that I get my work done at school and bring very little home.  I know if I stay focused and plan well, I can do this.  That way, I’ll be able to focus on my family, friends, and squeeze in some me-time when I come home.

Back to Spanish Class: Teaching Tips to Get Excited for the First Week of School!

Old Way of Thinking:
“Some of my colleagues are great, but I wish I had a stronger group of colleagues who loved to share new ideas, collaborate on projects, and even just to joke around with from time to time.  Sometimes I feel really lonely at school.”

New Way of Thinking:
“How cool is it that I can now connect with online World Language colleagues from all over the world.  I learn so many innovative ideas, (Minuto loco, Música miércoles, Trifold Flashcards, Conjugation Bracelets, Differentiated Instruction Units) get great new resources, and best of all, they make me laugh with their crazy memes that only World Language teachers understand.  Plus, there are tons of amazing teacher blogs – love reading these and continually challenging myself to be a better teacher.”

Speaking of blogs – did you know that each of us here at Secondary Spanish Space also has her own blog?

Honestly, my Spanish teacher friends in this group are a seriously inspiring group of chicas!  I read their blog posts and . . .

A.  Learn something completely new that I had never thought of doing before.

B.  Feel like I’m hanging out with a good friend who gets me and my Spanish teacher woes.

C.  Laugh out loud because these chicas crack me up!!

Allison – Mis Clases Locas 
Catharyn – Sol Azucar
Dianna – La Profe Plotts
Elisabeth – Spanish Mama
Emilie – Island Teacher 
Sherry – World Language Cafe (That’s me!)

What a powerhouse group of Spanish teachers!  I learn so much from each of these amazing women every week.  Hope you do, too!

Well, I originally planned to include 8-10 Back to School teaching tips in this post, but got so “excited” about the first one that it was all I could fit.  Hop on over to the Teaching Tips section of my blog to check out a few more such as:

* Advice for a First Year Teacher (also good for veteran teachers)

Wishing you a wonderful start to your school year!  I’m so EXCITED!!!  How about you?


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