How to Make Your Own Amazing Stickers in Spanish Class that Everyone Loves

October 1, 2022 Miss Senorita by Jessica Hall

make your own stickers

I once had a boyfriend that “cOuLdN’t BeLiEvE” I was giving my high school students stickers on their quizzes.

He didn’t think there was any way that teenage boys appreciated stickers.

And then literally right after he said that his younger high-school-aged brother came into the room where I was grading, saw my stickers, and excitedly asked if he could have one.

He was delighted when I gave him one. 😂

Stickers are an awesome reward – even for teenagers that are too cool for everything.

I like to put stickers on quizzes and tests that score a 90% or higher.

If you don’t believe that high school students like stickers – forget to give just one student a sticker when they earned (“earned”) it. See how quickly they take it like a personal attack and confront you. 😂

I have always bought stickers with Spanish phrases on them (fantástico, bien hecho, estupendo, etc) at Teacher’s Discovery, but apparently, you can get Spanish reward stickers on Etsy now too. (Not affiliate links, just great stickers.)

Or. If you want to have the COOLEST Spanish stickers in school.

You can make your own! 

Hello, Teacher Lady has a youtube video on how to make your own digital stickers with Google Drawings.

She shows you how to make digital stickers to use in Google Classroom (or a similar LMS).

It’s insanely easy.

And honestly so fun to play with, especially if you haven’t set up your Bitmoji before. Or if you like deciding what outfit a digital person should wear. 😆

If you want physical stickers, you could follow her directions and then print the stickers onto square white labels from Staples or any other office supply store. You just have to make sure you create stickers that are the right dimensions for the labels you purchase.

Phrases I suggest you use on your stickers:
  • bien hecho
  • estupendo
  • fantástico
  • increíble
  • magnífico
  • muy bien
  • perfecto
Get your creative juices flowing!
Miss Senorita by Jessica Hall

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