14 Tips for a Successful 2020 in your Spanish Classroom

December 24, 2019 Miss Senorita by Jessica Hall
14 tips for a successful 2020


It’s Winter Break!

You made it!



I knew we could do it.

Please take time to recharge and relax – you need it.

But when you’re ready to think about school again, January is the perfect time to evaluate how things are going and change anything that isn’t working.

We each have some tips and resources for you to start 2020 off right in your classroom.

I currently have the flu, so I guess tip #1 is to get a flu shot 😷

And if you haven’t tried some new listening activities – here’s your chance to incorporate some variety in 2020.


Dianna {La Profe Plotts}

A new year or semester is a great time to revisit your classroom management strategies and how you organize your classroom. What is working? What isn’t?

Here are 7 classroom ideas from La Profe Plotts that are easy to implement, but will make a big impact.

Conversation cards are an easy and fun way to get students back to speaking Spanish after a couple of weeks off. They all want to talk about their winter break and catch up with each other anyway – why not do it in Spanish?

La Profe Plotts has conversation cards for Spanish 1 and for Spanish 2.


Allison {Mis Clases Locas}

If the first day back is brutal because there’s just not enough coffee in the world, then here’s a no-prep activity for the first day back from winter break for every level of Spanish class. No prep for the win!

Ready for an expectation reset? Interpersonal communication skills posters have been a game changer for Allison’s classroom.


Jen {Spanish with Sra Shaw}

If you feel like your classroom management strategies need to be spruced up (like honestly, whose don’t?) – check out Jen’s post on 11 world language classroom management strategies and see what new ideas you can implement in 2020.

If you need posters (with a llama and cactus theme 😜) to remind students daily about expectations, super 7 verbs, and proficiency levels – check out Spanish with Sra Shaw’s Spanish Classroom Bulletin Board Poster Printables resource.


Sherry {World Language Cafe}

If taking on major changes seems entirely too overwhelming, Sherry’s got your back. She has a post on small moves to create big changes in your world language classroom. Start small and see a big impact!

Are you in a rut with your lesson plans? Sherry put together 5 fresh ideas for the new year in Spanish class including virtual field trips and increasing your TL use. Try out some new ideas for 2020!


Elisabeth {Spanish Mama}

Do you need a pep talk from Spanish Mama? You can’t do all the things. She’ll remind you of what’s important (it’s your health and sanity) and how you can help preserve them. Because the school year is only halfway over.

If Allison’s no-prep activity doesn’t fill your period and you need more to round it out, try Spanish Mama’s 5 awesome review games you can prep in a snap. Because sometimes you just don’t have time for prep.


Catharyn {Sol Azúcar}

Are your kids going to pretend like they have no idea what verb conjugation is once January rolls around? Sol Azúcar has a Minuto Loco game that can be part review and part fun.

If you have the New Year’s resolution of being a happier teacher in 2020 – check out Catharyn’s post on 9 ways to be a happier teacher. My favorite is promising yourself to go to the bathroom.

14 tips for a successful 2020


What new ideas do you plan to implement for 2020? HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOUR FLU SHOT?

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