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January 5, 2021 Mis Clases Locas by Allison Wienhold

Inside: Learn about how to use High Frequency Verbs for Hybrid, face to face & Virtual in Spanish Class with a Free Online Conference about comprehensible input. Do you want to learn about high frequency verbs and using CI? Learn more about Practice & Comprehensible

Free online conference

Hello 2021!

I hope you were able to spend some quality time on YOURSELF this break and disconnect from school. Now that most of us are back at it, I have an upcoming event you might be interested in. 

Practical and Comprehensible – Free online conference

I know many of you are trying out more CI (comprehensible input) techniques in your classes this year and are in need of support. With all of the changes from virtual, hybrid, socially distanced face to face and back through them all again, it is a lot. Well I have a new year’s gift to you. 

Clear your calendar from January 8-10th for a free online conference made BY world language teachers FOR world language teachers. This free event is called Practical and Comprehensible – a gathering of CI teacher experts on how to transition to proficiency and maintain it in a virtual, hybrid, and face to face setting. 

Sign up to get your free registration here today! >> Get my ticket

You won’t want to miss this speaker lineup: 

  • Annabelle of La Maestra Loca
  • Bertha Delgadillo
  • Devon Gunning of La Libre Language Learning 
  • Bryce Hedstrom 
  • A.C. Quintero 
  • Sherry Sebesta of World Language Café & Secondary Spanish Space!
  • plus Me! Mis Clases Locas

Next, if you know you will want unlimited access to the presentations to watch at your own pace, then you can get the all access pass!

Finally, if you want lifetime access to the presentations plus a ton of bonuses (including this digital unit from me & a Boom Card Bundle from Sherry) you can upgrade to the Full Bonus Package.

Even though this event is free to attend virtually from Jan 8-10th, with an option to upgrade later for lifetime access to presentations (and sweet bonuses!).

Practical & Comprehensible - Free Virtual Conference for World Language teachers to learn about CI

HFV² High Frequency Verbs – Hybrid, F2F, Virtual

The topic that I will be speaking about is using high frequency verbs in all settings: hybrid, face to face and virtual. In fact, the bonus package even includes this digital unit from me. I have now used this present tense high frequency unit both quarters of Spanish 1 this year. (Due to having a semester in a quarter on block schedule, I taught semester 1 of Spanish 1 two times this fall). It has been a lifesaver to have everything in one giant Google slideshow that I can edit as needed. For the most part, I have been hybrid face to face, with students attending every other day in person and virtual. Plus those in quarantine attending live via zoom…Plus some time full virtual as well.

Therefore, it gives me peace of mind that my students are still acquiring high frequency verbs whether they are socially distanced in person or currently learning at home. 

Teaching with high frequency verbs has become a core of the communicative aspect of my classes. These past blog posts go more in-depth with how I used them this year in virtual and hybrid settings, as well as in previous years fully in person. 

Sign up for the free online conference!

Finally, do not wait to sign up. There are bonus trainings, resources and giveaways waiting for you in the Practical and Comprehensible FB group! Sign up to get your free registration todayThe upgrades will go up in price after the conference this weekend, so if you are thinking about the upgrade, go for it now!

Secondary Spanish Space - Mis Clases Locas

In closing, I absolutely love this PD opportunity. However, I may receive a commission for anything you purchase. Finally, I am only shouting about this conferences because it is an amazing opportunity I am a part of! Thank you for your support! – Allison

Mis Clases Locas by Allison Wienhold

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  • Rebecca January 5, 2021 at 7:43 pm

    When is the online conference? I can’t find it. Or did it pass?

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