9 engaging Spanish ideas for Before & After Winter Break

December 13, 2022 Miss Senorita by Jessica Hall

Are you counting down to Winter Break?

Students in New York City have school alllllll the way through December 24th. The people who made that school calendar decision are savages. 😳😂

Here are 9 ideas (designed to make planning easy for you!) that you can use in your Spanish classroom before and after Winter Break.

Before Break in December

Plate Sketch Game – Mis Clases Locas

I have never played this game in my classroom, but I love the idea.

Students put a paper plate on their heads and draw the (holiday-themed) directions you give them. 

Check out Allison’s blog post with all the details.


Christmas & Navidad Boom Cards – World Language Café

If you have used Boom cards with your students before, then they’ll love this set! They’ll learn holiday vocab through a variety of listening, spelling, and writing activities. 

Grab it in Sherry’s TpT store.


Las Posadas Pasaporte Cultural – La Secundaria

Teach students about Las Posadas with these reading passages in English and Spanish. 

Grab this activity in Jade’s TpT store.


Navidad Interpretive Practice – Spanish with Sra Shaw

Use these authentic listening and reading activities with interpretive practice to explore themes of family, holidays, and social media.

Grab this resource in Jen’s TpT store.


Three Kings’ Day Webquest – Miss Señorita

Teach students about how Three Kings Day is celebrated in Puerto Rico with this webquest. It’s entirely in English and suitable for any level.

Grab it in my TpT store.


Spanish Christmas Activities Bundle – World Language Café

This bundle of 11 activities will keep your students busy, learning, and engaged all the way up until the last bell rings before Break!

Check out all the details in Sherry’s TpT store.


Las Posadas Matamoscas – La Secundaria

I remember playing Matamoscas in Spanish class in high school and it has a special nostalgic place in my heart.

Grab this game in Jade’s TpT store after teaching your students about this holiday!


Spanish Verbs Elf Coloring Activity

Name something more calming than a coloring activity.

Have students color in an elf based on subject pronouns. There are present, preterite, and future tense versions.

Grab this activity in my TpT store.


After Break in January

Allison has Google Slides to chat about what students did over Winter Break, a Find Someone Who activity, and variations for both upper and lower levels.

Your first day back from break can be all planned (and low prep!) with Allison’s ideas.

I hope these ideas are helpful!

Share in the comments what activities you like to do right before and after Winter Break!

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