Resource Round-up for Distance Teaching

January 4, 2022 Miss Senorita by Jessica Hall

resource round-up for distance teaching

Welcome to an alternate reality where everyone stays in their homes and we all teach remotely. It’s a crazy world right now. Welcome to an alternate reality where we slowly learn the Greek alphabet. And still teach remotely. Sometimes. It’s still a crazy world.

This is a round-up of resources that you can use for distance teaching. 

When I first started putting this list together, I intended to get like a dozen or so resources. Ha! How naive I was.

Good news: This list includes enough resources to keep you going for a really long time.

Bad news: If you shut down when you’re overwhelmed by too many choices (🙋 hi – that’s definitely me), then this is like 18 times too many resources.

Let’s get this show on the road.

I organized these resources from shortest to longest.

Katherine from Sra Cruz @sracruzspanish

First of all, if you don’t follow @sracruzspanish on Instagram, please do. She has 2 adorable children and she’s the kind of friend that you can drink wine with at 11am out of coffee cups in public. My favorite kind of friend.

She posted on Instagram a few days ago that the Google Arts and Culture App has hundreds of Frida paintings you can explore. It also has thousands of paintings and art pieces that Frida Kahlo didn’t paint, so you’re not required to focus on Frida. But you can if you want to.


Sherry from World Language Café – 3 New Types of Spanish Flashcards

Scroll down to the 3rd type of flashcards that Sherry discusses – Boom Learning. Sherry is our resident Boom Cards guru. Her post explains what they are and how fabulous they are for distance teaching.


Jen Shaw from Spanish with Sra Shaw – The Best WL Distance / E-Learning EdTech Tools

Jen’s post is a great intro to 4 tools you can use tomorrow in your classroom. Her post includes a tutorial for Google Classroom and 3 other tools you can use to teach Spanish and keep kids engaged.


Jade from La Secundaria – 10 Free Sites for Digital Distance Learning for World Language

Jade has updated her post since she originally published it and it’s now 15 resources. She includes a link to BBC Language, as well as a variety of conjugation and game websites students will love.


Allison from Mis Clases Locas – Resources for Distance Learning for Spanish Class 

Allison’s post on her blog includes:

  • individual resources
  • online multi-day resources
  • printable multi-day resources
  • stuff you can use with your own kiddos at home

Allison has a lot of CI suggestions, as well as movie and video options you can use for distance teaching.


Dianna from La Profe Plotts – FREE Remote Learning Resources and Ideas for Spanish Teachers

Dianna has 24 ideas from online books to Sr. Wooly to virtual tours. She includes a choice board that we should all be obsessed with.


Elisabeth from Spanish Mama – Simple Ideas and Help for Emergency Spanish Sub Lesson Plans

Elisabeth has a super comprehensive blog post, broken down by:

  • Tech tools for teaching
    • Includes ideas for how to make videos your students can watch, and websites where they can play grammar or vocab games.
  • Distance lessons for Spanish classes (broken down by level PreK-High School)
    • Includes a dozen ideas for projects and lessons you can use for distance learning
  • Websites with general online Spanish practice
    • Includes games, podcast, and other ideas
  • Non-tech ideas if you can send your students home with paper
    • Ideas if you are still seeing your students and can send them home with work on paper
  • Lesson ideas for a Spanish-speaking sub
    • Games students can play with Spanish help
  • Lesson ideas for a non-Spanish-speaking sub
    • Games students can play without the help of a Spanish-speaker

The most amazing gem (that you could miss in Elisabeth’s gem-filled blog post) is this list of digital learning platforms that are offering free services.

Beware the list is loooooong (yay lots of free stuff), so it’s kind of overwhelming.


Search “distance learning” on TpT.

It’s probably still trending for a reason.


resource round up for distance teaching


If you have any more resources, please please please let us know in the comments! Stay safe and healthy!

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