3 Fun Vocabulary Review Games Your Students Will Love!

December 21, 2021 La Secundaria by Jade Greene

I love using games to help students learn! They never realize how much they are learning when they are just having a good time with classmates. You know it’s a great game when you hear, “Can we play…” or “Yay, we’re playing …”.

If you’re looking for more games to add to your teacher bag of tricks, you’ll definitely want these!

Here are 3 games that students excited and engaged!

¡Yo Tengo! ¿Quién Tiene? 

This is my FAVE stationary game to play as a whole class! It is super low-prep. All you have to do it cut the cards and mix them up. I print them in color and laminate to use again. It takes a few tries for students to understand the flow if they’re playing for the first time but once they do it’s so much fun!

What do I need?

  • ¡Yo Tengo! ¿Quién tiene? Cards

How do you play?

  • Pass out mixed up cards to students randomly. Most students will have one card. Some students may have 2-3 depending on the vocabulary or size of the deck.
  • One student has the 🌟 starred card. That student starts the game and ends the game. That student will ask ¿Quién tiene el libro?. The student with the card that has “Yo tengo” with a picture of a book will respond “Yo tengo el libro.” That student then asks, ¿Quién tiene…? on their card.
  • The game continues until all questions have been answered and you get back to the first card.

Want a digital version that’s still great for social distancing? Check out this individual version of the game! 

Find NO PREP ¡Yo tengo! ¿Quién tiene? Games here! 


Definitely a student favorite! This game is great way to review vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, you name it!

What do I need?

  • SEIS Game Form
  • Dice
  • Pencils

How do you play? 

  • It is played in pairs or groups of 3-4. You can always adjust and let more or less students play depending on your class sizes.
  • Each student gets a SEIS game form and each pair or group gets one pencil and one die.
  • One student starts the game and tries to write as much as they can correctly on the answer form before another player rolls ¡SEIS!.
  • Once a player rolls and yells ¡SEIS!, the student must give up the pencil and wait for their turn again.
  • This continues as students take turns rolling the die and racing to complete their forms first!

Find NO PREP ¡SEIS! Games here! 

Prueba Prueba Pasa 

Quiz Quiz Trade – This activity can be used as a review for ANYTHING. Did you just finish a story? Are you reviewing vocabulary? Did you just study about a country or culture? It requires some prep but you can always laminate and save for later.

What do I need?

  • Prueba Prueba Pasa Cards

How do you play? 

  • Randomly pass out cards to each student.
  • Each student will have a question and the correct answer on their cards.
  • Students will ask a classmate(s) their questions and answer.
  • Give students 1-3 minutes to ask and answer all questions depending on group sizes.
  • It is ok for students to have the same questions because all students may not talk to each other and everyone gets a good review.


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What games to you have in your teacher bag of trick? Let me know if you’ve tried these games or if you have some fun spins on them!

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