13 Instagram Accounts to Follow for CI Tips

July 6, 2021 La Secundaria by Jade Greene

When I started investigating comprehensible input or CI, there were so many accounts that helped me understand what CI was and learn more about activities! Having a community to turn to has been invaluable. It was so great to have that extra support during the transition to CI and as I learned more. I want to share some of the best Instagram accounts to follow for CI tips, tricks, and ideas for using comprehensible input in your classroom!

This list started out as 13 Instagram Accounts to follow for CI Tips. I’ll be adding more accounts to follow as I discover them! These are amazing Spanish teachers that share their expertise with CI.

  1. @lasecundaria_jag – Jade Greene
  2. @lamaestraloca – Annabelle Allen
  3. @mis.claseslocas – Allison Weinhold
  4. @helene_colinet_profesora – Hélène Colinet
  5. @acquintero – Alicia Quintero
  6. @brycehedstrom.com3254 – Bryce Hedstrom
  7. @the_spanish_brew – Erin Shea Hauri
  8. @comprehensibleclassroom – Martina Bex
  9. @somewhere.to.share – Carrie Toth
  10. @placidolanguage – Kristy Placido
  11. @profe.sierra – Sierra Wessels
  12. @srashawspanish – Jen Shaw
  13. @srta_spanish – Ashley Mikkelsen
  14. @worldlangcafe – Sherry Sebasta
  15. @profesoradelgadillo – Bertha Delgadillo
  16. @claudiamelliott – Claudia Elliott

Follow these hashtags to get tons of valuable posts in your feed. You’ll see content from all the people that post relevant ideas. This is especially helpful because you may find additional accounts and get cool, inspirational ideas for your classroom.

#citeacher #citeachergram  #citeachersofinstagram #spanishteacher #iteachSpanish #profedeespañol

Are there any additional great Instagram accounts to follow for CI that are not listed? Comment them below! I’d love to update this post and add accounts that will help other Spanish teachers grow as educators.


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13 accounts to follow on IG for CI Tips


Oh yeah! Want to pick my brain about another topic? Comment that below too! I’d love to write another post that would help!

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