12 Spanish Review Activities for May

May 11, 2021 La Secundaria by Jade Greene

It’s almost the end of the year and I can guess how you’re feeling. Let’s go with a combination of feelings. Tired? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Over it? (Yes. Over it is a feeling!)  So, I created a list to help you navigate all those emotions and get to the end of the year in one piece AND alleviate some of those feelings. Below, you’ll find a list of activities that are great for end-of-the-year Spanish review activities.

Some are oldies, but goodies, and some may be new to you! Either way, I hope they ease your teacher life and make planning easier for you.

1. Image Flash Cards

Flashcards are a great way to review vocabulary. I love using images with vocabulary to help students make connections. One side of the flashcard has the vocabulary word and the other side has an image. This could be used with Quizlet digital flashcards or students could create their own cards and print/ or draw images.

2. Quizlet Live

This learning tool on the Quizlet site is a student favorite. Students play vocabulary games in teams and race to be the first to finish. Check out this blog post to find out more about starting a Quizlet Live game.

If you have Quizlet vocabulary sets created already, you can use those to start a game.

3. Kahoot

Kahoot is an amazing option for review. The best thing about Kahoot is that you can use previously made Kahoots. You can copy, edit, and tailor to meet your students’ needs.

4. Boom Cards

Boom Cards are digital cards that have revolutionized task cards for many teachers. They are interactive and engaging and can test many learning skills. To get started with Boom Cards and read more about teacher accounts, prices, and student accounts, check out these blog posts.

Discover Boom Cards with Students for Distance Learning

How to Assign Boom Cards

Boom Cards from the Students’ Point of View

How to Track Student Progress with BOOM Cards

5. Task Cards

Task cards are an awesome way to get students up and moving in the classroom. They’re perfect for distance learning, too. Some teachers have converted task cards used in class to digital formats for distance learning. Check some out at La Profe Plotts.

6. Pixel Art Activities

These activities are self-checking and easy to assign!  Students love guessing the image as they answer questions correctly. Easily assign them with Google Classroom or your LMS (learning management system) like Canvas or Schoology.

I love the variety of activities for pixel art. They can be used to practice vocabulary and grammar, and are great Spanish review activities. 

7. Barcos

Ever played Battleship? Barcos is an adaptation of this game for Spanish class. This game can be used to review vocabulary and grammar with students. It will also get students practicing pronunciation and using more target language.

8. Digital Puzzles

I love, love, love using puzzles as bell ringers and station activities. Digital puzzles in Google Slides have allowed me to continue using puzzles during distance learning. There are puzzles available in French and Spanish.

9. Lotería

Lotería is Bingo meets Spanish class. This is a tried and true activity that students love to play in person or digitally. Amazing pre-made games can be found by Señora Lee – For the Love of Spanish.

10. Gimkit

Now, this is a game-changer. This platform is one of the new guys on the block. It has quickly become popular with students and is similar to Kahoot in some ways. Gimkit is played individually or in teams.

It has a multiple-choice format. Students are able to use power-ups to advance in the game and beat their classmates. Read Gimkit: A Game-Changer for your Classroom! to learn more.

11. ¡Yo tengo! ¿Quién tiene?

This activity is also great for vocabulary review in-class or digitally.

In-class – The in-class version is a whole class activity. One student starts the game by asking “Who has “Blue”?” The student that answers “I have blue” responds and proceeds with their question. It is a round-robin-type activity. Students ask until the last response is said.

*Challenge* – Have students see how fast they can finish the game as a group.

Digitally – This version is individual and is played with Boom Cards. Students still answer questions and race to the end.

12. Color By Number

Who doesn’t love to color? Let’s be honest, students are so quiet, busy learning vocabulary when they’re coloring. I love this spin on color by number because students have to answer questions in order to find the correct colors. Find color by number activities here.

Have some end-of-the-year Spanish review activities that aren’t listed? Share in the comments below. We’d love to try them.

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12 Spanish Review Activities for May

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