Our favorite posts for Spanish Class: Big Ideas in 2018

January 1, 2019 Mis Clases Locas by Allison Wienhold

Inside: Ideas for Spanish class. The favorite posts from the Secondary Spanish Space teachers this year. 

Big Ideas in 2018: Our favorite posts and ideas for Spanish Class - shared on Secondary Spanish Space

Happy New Year friends! Thank you so much for reading this past year. We are so appreciative of each and every since one of you. We hope you are enjoying your holiday break and have a little down time to catch up on some blog post reading. To save you busy teachers time, we have put together our favorite posts from both Secondary Spanish Space, as well as our personal blogs as well. We hope you enjoy!

Big Ideas in 2018: Our favorite posts for Spanish Class - shared on Secondary Spanish Space

Tech Tools in Spanish class

The Best EdTech Tools for the WL Classroom – Jen 

First up, our tech tool guru helps us all out by breaking down the best tech tools that you can easily incorporate in your Spanish class.

SeeSaw: The Best App for the Proficiency-Centered WL Classroom – Spanish with Sra. Shaw

Once again, Jen Shaw says that SeeSaw is hand down the best free app for proficiency centered World Language classes. Learn more here.


High Frequency Words in Spanish class

Are you interested in trying out more comprehensible input strategies? In this post Allison show how you can start the year, or just start a new week with a strong emphasis on using high frequency verbs to help students better communicate about things that matter to them.

Culture in Spanish class

Next, Sherry give us lots of ideas of how we can make sure that our Spanish classes are rooted in diverse cultures of the Spanish speaking world.

Listening Activities for Lower Level Spanish Classes – Miss Señorita

Also, in an oldie but a goodie, Jess shares where to find authentic listening activities with native speakers at a pace that lower level students could understand.

Games, Activities & Resources for Spanish class

7 Awesome Speaking Activities Your Students Will Love – Jessica

Next up, if you need new ways to mix up speaking, Jess has you covered with 7 Awesome Speaking Activities Your Students Will Love.

5 Awesome Review Games You Can Prep in a Snap – Elisabeth

Who loves low prep review games that can be used with any unit in any class!?! Elisabeth also shares 5 Awesome Review Games that require very little preparation, perfect if you have they strange review time after winter break before finals.

How to choose the right tense? – Preterite vs. Imperfect – World Language Cafe

If you are required to teach the preterite versus imperfect, check out this helpful post from Sherry. It has tips, tricks and resources to help you and your students out.

How I Keep Students Engaged with Task Cards – Dianna

In the most popular post on Secondary Spanish Space this year, Dianna shares so many awesome ideas of how to get students up and moving and mix up using task cards.

No Prep for Hectic Weeks

Little to No Prep Spanish Class Activities for Hectic Weeks – La Profe Plotts

We all have those hectic weeks of school with testing, special events, holidays and changed schedules. These no prep ideas from Dianna will save your sanity with very little prep needed.

Self Care
9 Ways to be a Happier Teacher – Catharyn

Next, if you need a little pick me up as you start 2019, check out this post with great ideas to help you be a happier teacher on 2019.

Teaching Spanish, When you don’t speak it perfectly – Spanish Mama

Finally, Elisabeth shares encouragement and practical tips for non-native Spanish speaker teachers in this post on Spanish Mama.


Big Ideas in 2018: Our favorite posts for Spanish Class - shared on Secondary Spanish Space

Thank you again for reading and please drop a comment here or on social media to let us know which was your favorite post of the year!

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