Fabulous Gifts for Fabulous Spanish Teachers

November 14, 2017 admin
Need gift ideas for an amazing Spanish teacher in your life? The Spanish teachers of Secondary Spanish Space are here to help! We have compiled a list of items we can’t live without as teachers and must-have teaching resources every Spanish teacher needs! Show your favorite Spanish teacher some love with these teacher-tested and teacher-approved presents. Click the links for more information on each item and happy shopping!

1. MINI-CROCKPOT: Allison of Mis Clases Locas swears by her mini-Crockpot for teacher lunches! She plugs it in when she gets to school in the morning and has perfectly warm food by lunchtime! So smart! ($24.99)

2. MÚSICA MIÉRCOLES BUNDLE: Allison also recommends her Música Miércoles GROWING BUNDLE. “These music bell ringers for Spanish class will start your class with a bang! The culture-filled songs can be adapted for all levels including Middle School Exploratory Spanish, Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, and Spanish IV as a classroom management routine. In my class Música miércoles is the students’ favorite day of the week!” she says.

3. WATER BOTTLE: Jen of Spanish with Sra. Shaw loves her stainless water bottle that she picked up at Target! She says, “My school is ancient and the pipes are super old and I don’t trust the water there. Also, it’s important to stay hydrated so I don’t get sick. I like to put a drop of essential oils in my water,”.  It’s 32 ounces and insulated so you know that water is going to stay cold! ($34.99)

4. VOCABULARY SUB PLAN: Jen recommends her versatile Spanish Vocabulary Activities SUB PLAN for every Spanish teacher because it works with any unit and is literally NO PREP! My two favorite words after Target and sale! Her vocabulary activities make the perfect emergency sub plan and we all know every teacher needs one of those on hand at all times for those unexpected days off!

5. ROSÉ: Shoutout to Jessica of Miss Señorita for recommending something for those days when a cup of chamomile tea isn’t going to cut it. She says “Rosé! #roseallday It’s a thing, really. I suggest the cheapest rose wine that the nearest liquor store has because why pay more than $7 for wine? Also, why use a corkscrew when you can twist off the cap?” ($7 or less)

6. BULLETIN BOARD SET: Every Spanish classroom should have Jessica’s Spanish Date (La Fecha) Bulletin Board Set. “You can post it prominently so students always know what the date is in Spanish and it’s easy to change each day,” Jessica says.

7. CLICKABLE EXPO MARKERS: Never look for a lost pen cap again! I am obsessed with my clickable Expo dry erase markers and don’t know how I survived without them before. They are a finer point than a normal Expo marker, but they are perfect for writing encouraging notes on students’ desks, making verb charts, and for students to use with mini whiteboards. I love the vibrant colors, too! ($8.99)

8. TASK CARDS BUNDLE: Every Spanish teacher needs this Spanish Task Cards MEGA Bundle! Task cards are my absolute favorite teaching tool because they get students out of their seats, can be used about a dozen different ways, invite collaboration among students, are super LOW-PREP, and give students a well-rounded review. There are sets for SER vs. ESTAR, Preterite vs. Imperfect, the irregular verbs TENER, JUGAR, and IR, telling time in Spanish, reflexive verbs, body part vocabulary, and many, many more. Each set includes 48 cards, student response sheet, and an answer key. This is a growing bundle which means you get all future sets for free after you buy it!

9. MAGNETIC POETRY SET: Catharyn from Sol Azúcar by Catharyn Crane says “I bought this magnetic poetry set in Spanish for my classroom a few years back. I stuck the little magnets on my filing cabinet or magnetic whiteboard for a fun and functional decoration. Students were free to play around with the magnets before or after class. I loved seeing the “poetry” my students would put together.” ($18.95)

10. ¡UN MINUTO LOCO! COLLECTION: Catharyn also says “A set of Minuto Loco conjugation races belongs in every secondary Spanish teacher’s tool kit. Each student gets a race sheet, the teacher sets the timer, and students race to conjugate as many of the given verbs correctly in the time allotted. The game sheets are ready to print and play. Students love to track their own improvement over time with this challenging, but fun game. This set includes race sheets for every verb tense. Teachers can use them for all Spanish class levels.”

11: FLAIR PENS: Elisabeth of Spanish Mama says, “no teacher can have too many flair pens! These would be a perfect stocking stuffer to make grading, planning, and notes to students extra fun.” ($7.25)

12. LYRICS & ACTIVITIES FOR AUTHENTIC SONGS: Elisabeth recommends her Songs for Spanish 1 Growing Bundle. She says, “I love teaching with authentic music! These sheets anchor our discussions and activities when enjoying songs in class. This editable packet of 24 songs is a huge time-saver and fits into interactive notebooks. Everything for each song fits on just one sheet of paper, too!”  

13. DARK CHOCOLATE: Sherry from World Language Cafe says “dark chocolate is always a hit with teachers!”. You can’t go wrong with any of the hand-crafted chocolates from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. in Portland, OR. The dark chocolate sea salt almond bar is out of this world. ($4 and up)

14. HISPANIC COUNTRIES VIDEO CLIPS: Sherry recommends every Spanish teacher have her Hispanic Countries Video Clips for Spanish Speaking Countries. “These video clips from all the Hispanic countries will add instant culture to your classroom and your students will love them! Each Friday, take a short virtual field trip to a Spanish speaking country.  Attend the Tomatina festival in Spain, immerse your students in a mariachi flash mob in Mexico, learn about saving baby monkeys in Costa Rica, visit the Panama Canal construction project, meet tortoises on the Galapagos Islands, learn the traditions of drinking mate, and so much more!”

Have another idea? Let us know in the comments below!

**Prices listed were the current price at the time of posting and are subject to change. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase a product from the link, we receive a small monetary thank you from Amazon. It helps fund our coffee and Flair pen habit.**


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